West Georgia Home Inspection & Renovation, LLC

Affordable, professional home inspection services for the Atlanta Georgia and surrounding areas. Georgia LLC control number is 08034226. ASHI and NAHI certified

West Georgia Home Inspection and Renovation, LLC is a full service home and commercial structure inspection company.  We have been serving the Atlanta and surrounding areas since 2008.  West Georgia Home Inspection uses a Certified Master Home Inspector, the only one in West Georgia.  In addition to Home Inspections, WGHI can perform mold and radon testing for a small additional fee.  Serving Carrollton, Newnan, Douglasville, Atlanta, and all of the surrounding communities.  Certified by ASHI and NAHI.

Here is what some of past clients have said about my service.  These come from emails they have sent me:

" We hired Robert to do the inspection on our second home purchase.  For our first purchase we used a "more affordable" home inspector.  He missed all kinds of stuff that ended up costing us thousands of $'s in repairs.  Robert was much more thorough and complete.  He found things that we didn't even know to look for.  We were able to receive $5000 in concessions from the seller because of Robert's report.  Thank you Robert for helping us with this purchase.  We will definitely use you again in the future."                     -John and Karen H.  Newnan Georgia

"It was a pleasure to do business with Robert.  As a first time home buyer, he was very professional and understanding of my endless questions.  He showed me where the main water shut off was, the main power shut off, and the gas shut off valve.  He also made lots of suggestions for home maintenance improvements that will make my house last years longer.  He even sent me a free Home Owners Maintenance Check List that tells me when to change furnace filters, smoke detector batteries, how to care for my septic tank, and much more."            - Teresa J.  Atlanta Georgia

"This was our third home purchase.  We have always used a home inspector in the past, but they were of the "Code Inspector" variety.  They told us all about the codes on the house, but missed the functionality part of the systems.  Some of the systems in the home didn't even work, and the "Code Home Inspector" did not notice.  We later discovered that all homes are code inspected when they are built anyway, so what is the point of reinspecting them for codes later on?  Codes change from time to time, and all houses are always grandfathered in, so the "Code Home Inspector" we had ended up writing up defects on codes that didn't even apply to this home!  We learned our lesson."                -Janice and Jon F.  Douglasville Georgia

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